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twin drops bottle machine 2 sets

Qingdao Rongtai Glass Co., Ltd. is located in Pingdu Baishahe Street, it covers an area of 155,333 square meters, south of Rong Tai Road, located in the "Qingdao 1 hour economic circle", 70 kilometers from Qingdao International Airport and Qingdao Port 100 km away from the village railway station and Portland are 80 km Jiqing-Qingdao Expressway, Shenhai, Qingyin, Weilai Expressway in close proximity, geographical advantages, developed traffic, transport facilitation; company registered capital of 10 million yuan, The total investment of 350 million yuan, 480 employees, the current production capacity of 320,000 tons / year. 2015 output value of 340 million yuan, 45 million yuan in profits and taxes, including taxes paid 32.5 million yuan.
The company has 112.65 square meters of automatic control horseshoe fired furnace three, with the domestic advanced level of three gold companies twin 8 drops bottle machine 4, 10 twin drops bottle machine 2 sets, 10 sets of three dripping bottle machine 2, and the gas furnace 5, annealing furnaces, spraying machines, comprehensive test machine, flat push automatic stacking machine of the 8 (sets), 10 sets of camera inspection machine, automatic strapping machine 4, automatic feeding machine, bubble control system and automatic control system for each furnace three sets, 23 sets of air compressors, totaling 770 cubic meters and other equipment. Up to now, the company mainly produces various models of beer bottles, supply all the major beer groups.
Companies to adopt in the management of flat organizational structure under the leadership of general manager, set up six departments, the implementation of quality systems and organizational system model management systems complement each other, to create professional staff; all levels of management personnel all have the same industry or company professionals with extensive experience in other enterprises, and the average age is about 35 years old, college education accounted for 90%.
Since its 2007 inception, keeping up the pace of development of major strategic Beer Group, to create the beer industry's best supplier of brand, to grow into the same industry in Shandong Province and the country's leader. Adhering to the "honesty, rigorous root, quality of the soul, production as the key link" business philosophy, "high-quality, low-cost" strategic approach, strict norms of modern enterprise management mode, from the management system to the production and sale of the whole clarification of the process of strict work standards and product standards, so that all aspects of rule-based, non-compliance will be sued. The establishment of a mechanism of competition, survival of the fittest. Through the implementation of effective quality management techniques in order to achieve standardization, work procedures, standardized management, adhere to the faith-based enterprises, and the banking sector has been the unanimous praise. In 2010, the company was awarded the Qingdao Branch of the IRS tax credit enterprises title Pingdu, Qingdao City Administration, awarded the title of Credible Enterprise by Qingdao Enterprise Credit Association, "Rotar" is a trademark of the company in Shandong Province, Qingdao City, the famous trademark, the company has won the Qingdao City, "a scholarly enterprise," "enterprise staff", "cleaner production demonstration enterprises," the honorary title, the year 2015 has successfully grown into Qingdao City, "new special expertise" business model, the company's technology Center became "Qingdao enterprise technology Center."